Faculty Sponsor Form

Instructions for sponsors


Each submission requires the sponsorship of a university/college faculty member. The JUE is committed to the mentoring of undergraduates in all stages of research.

Faculty sponsors should email a brief letter of support either directly or as an attachment with the student’s submission. The sponsoring letter should indicate that the supervisor has read and critiqued the manuscript on its content, method, grammar, and overall presentation. Information on the original purpose of the paper (course assignment, conference, etc.) is appreciated.

In addition, assert that the research adhered to institutional, departmental, or disciplinary ethical standards. Finally, confirm that the planning, execution, and writing of the manuscript represents primarily the work of the undergraduate author(s).

I, [FACULTY SPONSOR'S NAME] certify that I have observed The Journal for Undergraduate Ethnography‘s submission guidelines and hereby recognize [STUDENT'S NAME] work as original. I am the voluntary and willing sponsor of this work.

Include full contact information (this will constitute an electronic signature).