Submission Guidelines

Instructions for contributors

The Journal for Undergraduate Ethnography encourages undergraduates or those who have graduated within the past twelve months to submit manuscripts for consideration.  Manuscripts should include ethnographic research covering any topic in the social sciences.

  1. Manuscripts must have an undergraduate as the primary author. Those who are graduates may only submit an undergraduate work within the first twelve months after their graduation. Papers may be co-authored with other undergraduate students.
  2. Original papers are preferable, however papers that are under submission elsewhere may be offered for consideration as well. Please indicate whether you have previously submitted your work and to whom or if you have submitted the manuscript to other undergraduate journals other than this one.  Please indicate those specific journals.
  3. Papers should be 7,000 - 9,000 words in length, including an abstract of 150-200 words, notes and references. All manuscripts must be submitted in Chicago Manual Author-Date style in 12 Times New Roman font and should be sent as a Microsoft Word File. Please name the submission file as follows: LastnameFirstinitial.doc.
  4. In the email subject line, write JUE SUBMISSION.
  5. Provide an email address for the author(s) and faculty sponsor.
  6. Please include a faculty adviser sponsor form.
  7. Manuscript must be submitted via email to
  8. Please attach a separate sheet that includes: name(s), current address(es), current phone number(s) and name and address of school, name address of school of faculty/staff adviser (if different than school address), and permanent address and phone number (if different than above).
  9. Author and sponsor should expect to receive confirmation from the Editor within two weeks.  If not, please write back to make sure it was received.
  10. Each manuscript will be reviewed by one member of the Senior Editorial Board. (Authors' identities are not blinded.)
  11. If the Editor returns a manuscript that requires revisions, the author(s) is (are) responsible for making the necessary changes and resubmitting the manuscript to the JUE. Sometimes you may have to revise manuscripts more than once.